• HainesAttract Adyam Markos Account Director

    Adyam Markos | Account Director


     I love working in the world of advertising, collaborating with clients and creatives to execute great campaigns and influence behavioural changes. I’m a creative thinker – I actually started out as a photographer! - and love to challenge the status quo.

    As an Account Director, I’m responsible for client accounts within the agency, and the client-agency relationship. I think my experience on both sides of the agency floor has really helped me find creative ways to ensure profitability and growth for my clients over the years.

  • HainesAttract Andrea Bonora Senior Recruitment Consultant

    Andrea Bonora | Senior Recruitment Consultant


    Recruitment is my jam. It's what I'm passionate about. My role as a Senior Recruitment Consultant is to work with new and existing business under HainesAttract, running the full gambit that recruitment encompasses; create recruitment strategies, processes and employer branded material (including job descriptions, advert content, etc), deliver recruitment end to end, and get their brand out there as much as possible through our super talented advertising and creative teams. You can't sell a secret!

    I was also extremely lucky to have been seconded to LookSee Wellington for their pilot programme and have access to tens of thousands of amazingly talented individuals that are in high demand across the country. 

    Outside of work, I'm an avid world traveller and do so as much as the budget (and annual leave) will allow, huge fan of winter - which means snow - which means snowboarding and mulled wine, and wife to an amazingly talented Peruvian.

  • HainesAttract Charlotte Hannah Channel Sales & Service Manager

    Charlotte Hannah | Channel Sales & Service Manager


    As Sales Manager, I am responsible for managing the full client service function of the business with a strong focus on sales. I hold accountability for key annual and quarterly sales targets and drive sales across the team of Account Executives at a transactional level.

    Lipstick loving, gym obsessed, kiwi wannabe, sci-fi geek from the UK.

  • HainesAttract Claire Neville Recruitment Delivery Consultant

    Claire Neville | Recruitment Delivery Consultant


    As a Delivery Consultant I work closely with our clients to ensure we are getting them the right candidates every time. I have a strong background in retail and love all things customer service! I get a buzz out of getting the right person for the job, whether that’s call centre staff or an amazing team leader.   

    In my free time you will find me helping out at the SPCA here in Wellington (its actually just an excuse to play with puppies) or outside enjoying the sunshine and all that Wellington has to offer.


  • HainesAttract Daisy Mulholland Assistant Accountant

    Daisy Mulholland | Assistant Accountant


    I’m responsible for all financial processing relating to Workhere and creative services. I'm back at HainesAttract after a few years, having previously worked as an administrator here and then the Creative Project Manager in Wellington.

    I love tennis, drinking, and... well, the kids don’t allow for much more!

  • HainesAttract Damian Sainsbury Managing Director – Haines NZ

    Damian Sainsbury | Managing Director – Haines NZ


    Overseeing both HainesAttract and Workhere, I'm always looking for ways we can provide innovation and great service to our clients. I’m passionate about creating a work environment that our staff can be proud of. We have a great team throughout the business who are led well – my role is to support them all (whilst not getting in the way).   

    Key learning for 2014: coaching an Under 7’s rugby team is very challenging...

  • HainesAttract Debbie Murphy Recruitment Account Manager – Round Peg

    Debbie Murphy | Recruitment Account Manager – Round Peg


    I am recruiting exclusively for our largest client, Datacom Group. As a New Zealand-grown IT services company, Datacom offers IT management and consulting from cloud services, and traditional payroll services through to custom software development and business process management. I work on a variety of roles, doing whatever is needed to provide a speedy turnaround of CVs, great candidates and ensuring Datacom have robust recruiting processes behind their directions.

    I love chocolate. I love my little family. And I love really good books that stay with you long after they are finished.

  • HainesAttract Dion Gilchrist Technical Project Manager/Business Analyst – Workhere

    Dion Gilchrist | Technical Project Manager/Business Analyst – Workhere


    I’m a Technical Project Manager, Business Analyst and Digital Specialist with a passion for technology and online innovation. With over 8 years' extensive experience across digital media and products, I have a combination of skills mixing Project Management, Product Development, Business Analysis, and Digital Marketing. After stints in the digital departments of TVNZ in Auckland and the Financial Times in London, I’ve built up a knack for using technology to solve business problems which brings me to where I am now. 

     I’m currently heading up the tech team for Workhere, working across the business to come up with exciting ways to help companies find and hire top talent from all around the world. This covers managing the development and evolution of Workhere, and also the new LookSee platform. We’ve got a lot of ideas for the future of this tech and I’ve got the scribbly notebook pages and colourful process maps to prove it!

    My likes include food, coffee, quality chocolate and travel… and on the geekier side, technology, movies, TV and really nice looking process maps.

  • HainesAttract Donna Cooke Designer

    Donna Cooke | Designer


    Senior Designer in digital and graphic design. I’m lucky enough to be using the endless wonders of the Adobe Creative Suite as I spend my days receiving and working to briefs, developing concepts and meeting tight deadlines for a large portfolio of clients.  

    Morning mocha addict and Masterchef wannabe.


  • HainesAttract Ellen Woods Content Producer & Communications Manager

    Ellen Woods | Content Producer & Communications Manager


    To quote Trump, "I know words, I have the best words..."

    When I'm not borrowing them from bronzed presidents, I'm writing words for client campaigns, managing content for social media, and supporting the team to develop media strategies for client campaigns. My varied creative role keeps me busy - in the office writing copy one day, out on a shoot the next - and as Comms Manager I'm crafting communications pieces and contributing to the brand strategy for our business - it's gonna be eeuge!

    I also have the lofty post of Office DJ - a role I take very seriously.

    I have a mild online shopping addiction, and pride myself on my knowledge of celebrity (and general) gossip - that's why my hair is so big, it's full of secrets.

    Can be found: eating avocado toast, running away to music festivals and binging bad reality TV.

  • HainesAttract Elvis Madar Senior Recruitment Account Manager

    Elvis Madar | Senior Recruitment Account Manager


    I have been brought into the business to manage some of our key recruitment clients across Aotearoa. It is my job to ensure their recruitment needs are being met, sourcing some of the best talent in NZ and abroad, identifying new recruitment opportunities and ensuring a seamless end-to-end recruitment process from start to finish for both clients and candidates.

    My dad had a dream 20 years ago that I was going to be an All Black and to his disappointment I recently made him realise that Rugby is very similar to Recruitment. To begin with, they both start with the letter R, it’s highly competitive, you win some, you lose some and when you win you have a drink to celebrate (sometimes even when you lose). Moral of the story: Whiskey and fried chicken are a couple of my favourite things in life.

    Born and bred Wellingtonian, Samoan and Chinese decent. I love my family and friends (I am one of ten siblings), love sport and music, afraid of heights, terrified of rats and spiders.

    Key achievement in the last 12 months: Manager of Tawa’s Premier rugby side that won the 2016 Jubilee cup.

  • HainesAttract Gabrielle Eyres Account Executive

    Gabrielle Eyres | Account Executive


    A day in the life of an account executive includes proofing, booking and listing my clients’ ad requests, as well as keeping up to date with the most innovative media channels to execute these on in order to attract the best candidates. My strong analytical skills and proven sales experience enable me to provide a bespoke service while achieving targets.  

    Im an amateur food reviewer with an undying love for wine, every weekend you will find me “brunching” and mulling over Sunday magazine’s Shoe of the week.

  • HainesAttract Georgia Hopkin Project Manager

    Georgia Hopkin | Project Manager


    Having worked previously within the client services side of the business, I've found a love for thinking outside the box when it comes to employer branding and recruitment solutions for our clients. Now as Project Manager, I get to oversee and coordinate our most recent and innovative solution - LookSee.

    LookSee is a world first talent attraction program that fills recognized skill shortages with international talent. We flip the traditional recruitment process on its head, taking the opportunities from New Zealand to the world and bringing the world back to New Zealand.

    It's an exciting time in this industry and I'm lucky to be working with such a forward thinking group who continue to create new ways to attract the best talent.  

    Coffee fanatic, regular Saturday morning Prefab-er, and Game of Thrones enthusiast.

  • HainesAttract Grace Fox Senior Account Executive

    Grace Fox | Senior Account Executive


    As a Senior Account Executive here at HainesAttract my first priority is my clients, ensuring all of advertising needs are taken care of, I also work very closely with the team of Account Executives providing them with support where necessary.  I have a background in Recruitment and Customer services which conveniently comes in very handy in my current role.

    I love a good gym session and can’t think of anything more enticing than laying on a beach somewhere in the South Pacific soaking up the rays!
    I'm a Love Island fanatic - catch me on Season 4, 2018.

  • HainesAttract Graham Fordyce Executive Creative Director

    Graham Fordyce | Executive Creative Director


    How lucky can someone be? Not only do I make my living from what I love, for the past 16 years I’ve been based in Asia. Now I’m back in Wellington and working with HainesAttract clients across the country and beyond.
    When I’m not writing at work, I’m, well, writing (you can hear a co-written song on the album Listen: The Very Best of Herbs).

  • HainesAttract Hamish Price Director & Group Account Director

    Hamish Price | Director & Group Account Director


    Working with both HainesAttract and Workhere clients across the country, I help them develop strategies and creative approaches to attract and engage talent. It’s a buzz to meet a range of diverse businesses from multinationals, to five people start-ups all across the country.  

    Likes: Family, ocean swimming, sport, eating and drinking. Some of that goes together, and sometimes it's best kept separate. 

  • HainesAttract Hayley Thompson Account Director

    Hayley Thompson | Account Director


    I work closely with companies across the lower half of New Zealand to help them develop recruitment advertising strategies that deliver results. No matter what the challenge, I’m up for it!
    Shopping addict, wine lover, and Coronation Street fanatic.

  • HainesAttract Jane Reddiex Commercial Manager - Recruitment

    Jane Reddiex | Commercial Manager - Recruitment


    I am a leader and talent measurement expert specialising in generalist and volume recruitment. I have been in the recruitment business for over 18 years and have set up large teams of staff at very short notice for clients in the UK and New Zealand.

    I love working with people,  my team, my candidates and my clients rock my world and are my reason for coming to work. I have a reputation for placing the highest value on relationships and I always look at ways to add value. My greatest pleasure is delivering practical solutions that work.   

    At home I am Cordon Bleu trained and love to cook for my partner, my boys and my Pug! 

  • HainesAttract Jessica Ammundsen Senior Account Executive

    Jessica Ammundsen | Senior Account Executive


    I am currently undertaking my new challenge of being a mummy – however, I will be back in early 2018 in my role as a Senior Account Executive!

    On my return, my role is to identify, develop and lead all opportunities and engagement across my portfolio of clients whilst also building and maintaining strong client relationships. In addition to this my role is to also support the Account Executive team by offering support and advice in regards to day to day advertising and client service.

    Outside of work you will find me brunching and exploring new places with my new little family!

  • HainesAttract Jonny Wyles Managing Director

    Jonny Wyles | Managing Director


    I’m one of the owners and directors of the business having joined the company way back in 1990. My main focus is leading Workhere. As a proud Kiwi it’s great to be helping companies solve hard to fill hiring problems as well as promoting New Zealand as a destination for awesome talent.

    Outside work I’m busy with two beautiful wee girls and love nothing more than getting away to Great Barrier Island with no internet, phone, TV or flush toilet even.

  • HainesAttract Katie Greenaway Account Executive

    Katie Greenaway | Account Executive


    As an Account Executive, I proof and process my clients’ recruitment advertising, while researching and recommending appropriate additional channels. Working with both media and my portfolio of nationwide businesses I offer strategies and advice on ways to effectively target both active and passive candidates in the job market.  

    In my spare time, you’ll find me at my sewing machine designing clothes or making and selling accessories on my online boutique KOOPY. I also have a slightly problematic shopping addiction, but it’s okay really because they’re all “investment pieces”.

  • HainesAttract Katie Henderson Account Executive

    Katie Henderson | Account Executive


    With a Master’s degree in Marketing under my belt, I went on to gain valuable industry experience in the commercial property world, supporting national marketing campaigns and daily marketing and brand promotion, before deciding I wanted to try my hand in the advertising industry. As an Account Executive at HainesAttract, my role is to identify, develop and lead all advertising opportunities and engagement across my portfolio of clients while proofing and booking adverts on a day to day basis – and subsequently mastering the art of multi-tasking!

    I’m a sucker for 90s RnB, turtlenecks and wine. When I’m not at the office, you can find me at my local coffee haunt with the gals or going to town on a cheese platter.

  • HainesAttract Katie McCone Account Executive

    Katie McCone | Account Executive



    With a degree in Marketing Management, I have gained a wide variety of experience in various roles both in sales and marketing. After university I took a marketing internship at a farming company. Here I not only took part in the development of a new marketing and brand strategy, I also gained extensive knowledge on farming, premium animal products, and how to tell a steer from a heifer. Previous to this role I also have experience working in the media industry, providing media and marketing solutions to businesses helping them strive in their markets and grow their businesses.   

    As an Account Executive I manage a portfolio of clients, providing appropriate strategies and services for current and future needs. I hold day-to-day relationships with these clients, while delivering effective and efficient recruitment advertising solutions.  

    I am a TV addicted, wine and coffee loving foodie, and can usually be found baking!

  • HainesAttract Lani Bartlett Recruitment Account Manager – Round Peg

    Lani Bartlett | Recruitment Account Manager – Round Peg


    I have a background in many different areas. From managing a children’s fitness gym to hosting VIP guests in a five-star hotel, facilitating work seminars to processing contracts. It’s fair to say I have had a taste of many industries.  

    As a Recruitment Account Manager it is my duty to provide a range of requirement delivery activities to a major account and I am responsible for building a solid relationship with the associated hiring managers; being seen as a source of expertise around recruitment, their trusted advisor and problem-solver.  

    Travel, music, gym, good company & quotes are just some of my favourite things. Here’s a quote for you to remember by Napoleon Hill. "Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success"

  • HainesAttract Linda Ashton Managing Director – Round Peg

    Linda Ashton | Managing Director – Round Peg


    I’m the MD of Round Peg, so I get involved in all sorts of discussions, decisions and activities that add value to our clients, and our business.   I love the recruitment industry, which is why it’s kept my interest for over 25 years (I started very young of course!).  I’m always happy to share my knowledge and experience, and still get a real kick out of finding solutions for clients, especially those really gnarly problems around how to find great people.
    If I can spend time with my family, potter around at home, work through my cookbooks, and sit down with a glass of wine and good book, with the odd adventure here and there, I’m pretty content!

  • HainesAttract Linda Watson Account Director

    Linda Watson | Account Director


    I look after all our Wellington clients making sure we understand their needs, how we can help them and making sure we do to the best of our ability. I’ve done this for a while now and have to say my clients are great.

    I’m busy learning about antiques so one day I’ll find something really valuable for just a few dollars – let’s hope I recognise it when I see it! 

  • HainesAttract Lindsey O’Neill Recruitment Account Manager – Round Peg

    Lindsey O’Neill | Recruitment Account Manager – Round Peg


    As part of the recruitment team for our clients, it is my job to ensure that no stone is left unturned when looking for my next potential star. I look for potential in the market and ensure that I identify the right fit for the right role. It is incredibly rewarding to help both clients expand their business and for candidates to achieve their dream job.
    Originally from the Emerald Isle of Ireland, I am enjoying all that New Zealand has to offer. I love country music and my ideal afternoon would include good company, good music and an unlimited supply of wine and food. I have dreams of becoming the next MasterChef and marathon runner...however I love eating food more than I like cooking, and running hurts my knees... someday ;)

  • HainesAttract Mary Burns Technical Project Manager & Business Analyst

    Mary Burns | Technical Project Manager & Business Analyst


    I am the go-to for IT support in the company.  I manage our technical supplier relationships, provide BA and administration support to the busy Sales and Service and Finance teams. Overall I make sure our systems and servers are up and running, ensuring we deliver the best service to our clients 24/7.

    Avid book reader, concert-goer and Sav Blanc and bubbles drinker!

  • HainesAttract Megan Greenaway Administrator

    Megan Greenaway | Administrator


    Working part time, I help the HainesAttract team with client ads, admin and social media broadcasting. I am currently studying Art History and Anthropology at Victoria University.

    In between studying and work, I love to travel, paint, and sketch my way around Europe’s Capital cities!

  • HainesAttract Megan Sety Services Administrator – Round Peg

    Megan Sety | Services Administrator – Round Peg


    I do everything at Round Peg that no one else has time to do, but everyone depends on. I make sure we never miss an email, keep up to date with our candidates, stay on top of our invoicing, keep our recruitment advertising fresh and keep the paperwork trail. I love a good spreadsheet!
    When I’m not in the office, you can find me teaching yoga or climbing and tramping in the mountains.

  • HainesAttract Mike Peters Technical Consultant

    Mike Peters | Technical Consultant


    I'm a Technical Consultant for Workhere and HainesAttract. I've developed and implemented an IT roadmap for the businesses that enables cost-effective operations and provides modern tools for a mobile workforce.

    My background is in technology, from early days cutting code at Air New Zealand through to owning an international company that became a leader in Container Terminal Management. I've now settled in Wellington after living around the world and I'm passionate about the tech community here, from developing talent to getting startup ideas into the market. There's something cool happening in Wellington right now and I'm pleased to be part of it.

    My interests outside the tech side are pretty much outdoors - rugby, fishing, tramping and, of course, finding new Central Otago Pinot Noirs.

  • HainesAttract Monika Dewi Website Coordinator – Workhere

    Monika Dewi | Website Coordinator – Workhere


    My drivers licence always seems to be changing.. Moving State, moving country & continent, from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern part of the world.. and that’s how I’ve been LIVING my life to the fullest! Meeting and working with people from different background, learning their language & culture, their behaviour & uniqueness – made me more realise that ONLY laundry, should be separated in colours!

    So here I am coming to my 3rd year in this lovely NZ - with my background in Marketing Communications, I am on my perfect job at Workhere, managing job posting on the website, distribution of Job Boost, and report generation from Google Analytics, I am loving the fun that with the exponential growth of technology, Digital Marketing are evolving at a tremendously fast rate.

    Likes: Family, Japan (Nihongo), watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Ellen DeGeneres.

  • HainesAttract Paul Greenaway Chief Executive Officer

    Paul Greenaway | Chief Executive Officer


    With overall responsibility of the business, my focus is on ensuring delivery of consistently high levels of client service, whilst bringing innovative solutions and future-proof strategies to the NZ recruitment marketing space. I regularly address client conferences and workshops to up-skill clients as well as liaising with media groups to secure the best possible terms for our clients.

    Out of the office, I’m just as busy – renovating a property on the Kapiti Coast, spending time with the family and walking our two beagles on the beach.

  • HainesAttract Raj Khushal 360 Creative

    Raj Khushal | 360 Creative


    What does 360 Creative mean? – I make things happen and capture stories. My background is in film, design, media and tech. My expertise ranges from traditional to digital media, my skill set includes creative, design, video, interactive, mobile, social media, IT and management. I'm multi-lingual – I speak Geek, Client and Agency and can translate between them.

    I run the AccessGranted.nz Podcast, where I talk to innovative tech and media startups. I’m a total media and tech junkie, but I can quit whenever I want... honest!

  • HainesAttract Schizelle Bester Account Executive

    Schizelle Bester | Account Executive


    I completed my Bachelor of Design (amidst a substantial amount of travelling) and have a background varying from retail and events to banking.

    My role as an Account Executive involves proofing and booking advertising requests on a wide range of media, as well as maintaining a positive relationship with my clients.  

    I’m a lover of photography, architecture, not wearing colour, cooking shows and have a large weakness for shiny shoes.

  • HainesAttract Shanthosh Krishnakumar Developer

    Shanthosh Krishnakumar | Developer


    Over the past decade I have been working in New Zealand across various industries covering graphic design, web design, web development and web project management. At HainesAttract, I am working on the Workhere - LookSee project as a Front-End Web Developer. I am passionate about my role which includes structuring a webpage with flow and colour giving the target audience a better user experience. It is a pleasure working with my small but dedicated team.

    Back from living in India, I'm experiencing cool New Zealand - traveling around the cities, beaches, parks, waterfalls and whatever else it has to offer. I'm yet to see lot of places but so far it has amazed me and my family. Enjoyed pick-your-own moments - blueberries, strawberries and vegetables to name a few, and will continue.

    At home, if you can’t see me in front of a computer then I must be sleeping - quite common for a tech-geek I guess! My likes include family, friends, technology, photography, pencil sketching, watching good movies (mostly south Indian), listening melodious south Indian music and fishing. I like any variety of unlimited non-vegetarian food. Haha who doesn’t like food (with meat)!

  • HainesAttract Sophie Hallett Recruitment Support

    Sophie Hallett | Recruitment Support


    Having fallen into recruitment accidentally a few years ago it seems to be something I keep coming back to. I work closely alongside our bright RAM’s and support them in whatever ways I can. With candidate management as a primary focus, day to day I enjoy talking to many people and assisting in creating better work lives.

    Back from living in the U.S. I am enjoying settling back into the Kiwi work/life balance and loving the good fresh New Zealand food - creating and eating!

  • HainesAttract Sophie Lewis Account Executive

    Sophie Lewis | Account Executive


    After completing my Marketing & Management degree in the USA, I have returned to Wellington to further my studies and join the team at HainesAttract. As an Account Executive, my day consists of liaising with my clients throughout New Zealand to identify, develop and lead all opportunities through our innovative advertising services. By connecting with my clients daily and building an understanding of their individual environments, I am able to offer appropriate strategies and provide effective and efficient advice.

    A valued pub quiz team member (I think), with a love of seafood, boy bands, theme parks and spontaneous trips away.

  • HainesAttract Stefanie Perica Recruitment Delivery Consultant - Round Peg

    Stefanie Perica | Recruitment Delivery Consultant - Round Peg


    I recently moved back to Wellington after spending 4 years working in Canada and the UK in corporate marketing & recruitment environments whilst travelling the world and knocking 30 countries off the bucket list.

    As a Delivery Consultant at Round Peg it’s my duty to ensure that I am engaging with Wellington’s star IT professionals and helping them start a career or continue their next step within Datacom (one of Asia Pacific’s leading locally-owned IT-based service providers). 

    If I’m not out taking photos, I’m at home with my amazing family having a laugh, listening to music, eating cheese & crackers and sipping on a Cab Sav.

  • HainesAttract Sybrand Botes Sourcing Specialist – Round Peg

    Sybrand Botes | Sourcing Specialist – Round Peg


    As part of the recruitment team, my primary focus is to identify international talent and opportunities, supporting candidates and the recruitment team as well as the generation of leads across multiple sectors.

    I look for premium international candidates who are interested in making New Zealand their new home and who are the right fit for the right role. It is incredibly rewarding to help candidates to achieve their dream job.
    Outside of work I like to travel whenever I get the time, good food and good company.

  • HainesAttract Thomas Kerk Associate Creative Director – Singapore

    Thomas Kerk | Associate Creative Director – Singapore


    With Diplomas in Product Design/Mechanical Engineering and Advertising, Thomas has more than 15 years’ experience in advertising, design, shopper marketing and internal branding/communications.
    Thomas has worked on global brands and regional accounts such as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Citibank, MasterCard, L’Oreal, Johnson & Johnson, Sony, Electrolux, Tiger Beer UK, Nokia, Singapore Airlines and Caltex. And he was a member of the creative team that developed the internal brand for Mandiri.
    Thomas has won the Cannes Gold Lion as well as awards in The One Show, Clio, Asian Media Advertising Awards, London International Award and the New York Festival. His design work has appeared in French graphic design magazine étapes,
    Alongside his commercial work, Thomas pursues personal projects such as photography and painting. To date, his work has been featured in art exhibitions in Singapore and in Catalog Magazine.

  • HainesAttract Tracey Hamilton Regional Lead Consultant – Singapore

    Tracey Hamilton | Regional Lead Consultant – Singapore


    Project-based consulting designed for now. Offering high impact, accelerated, problem solving to the world's largest tech firms, hungry start-ups and savvy, scaling multi-market clients.
    After spending much of her career in Global and Regional positions ex-Asia, Tracey is well versed in the execution of complex multi-market and global programs. 

    Her energetic, “dig in” style brings innovative, creative solutions to pressing client needs, fast.

  • HainesAttract Yarin Snapir Developer

    Yarin Snapir | Developer


    Over the past decade I've been an Intelligence Process Manager, Product Manager, and Software Developer... Through all these roles, analytical skills and creative thinking, problem solving, seeing the big picture, self-reliance, and having a strong technical orientation have all played a big part.

    At HainesAttract I’m working on the LookSee project and the website that enables it, making the hiring process of people from overseas easy and convenient.