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You’ve never been more important

You’ve never been more valuable to your organisation! If you’re in a people focused role, you’re the one your organisation is leaning on to attract talent.

Migration has come to a halt, unemployment is almost at a record low, and the working age population is past its peak, some are staying on but some are switching off. Meanwhile, the world still wants to come and work here, but that is a step by step process. The only certainty is more change.

What does that mean for us? There’s work to do, and lots of it.

We are here to shed some light on how you can attract the talent you need in this low unemployment market. The new world is a little unchartered when it comes to talent, but we’re helping clients navigate it with success.

Our approach is an unconventional one. Combining creativity, marketing, media and recruitment expertise, we help organisations find and attract the best talent.

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We attract and engage the talent you need

We are not like other recruitment agencies; we combine our creativity and media expertise with our recruitment and talent solutions proficiency to champion your brand. After all, candidates will be coming to work for you, not us, so it’s your story that matters. That’s why we put your brand at the forefront of everything we do.

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We help you solve recruitment challenges

We combine creativity with our expertise to help you tell your story. Whatever your challenge, whether it’s big or small, a one-off campaign or ongoing, we take a unique approach to deliver a tailored solution for your needs.

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No-one knows New Zealand like Beca

2020 saw New Zealand’s essentially lock its borders. For the engineering sector that spelt trouble. ACE reports that Our members tell us that they expect to hire around 2100 new staff members over the next 12 months. This includes new positions as well as replacing attrition.

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We understand that not one size fits all, that’s why we offer solutions tailored to suit your specific recruitment needs. To find out how we can help you attract and engage the talent you need, get in touch.