Naylor Love

Onward and upward with Naylor Love

  • Concept
  • Strategic media campaign
  • Creative assets
  • Applicant tracking system (Teamtailor)
  • Recruitment services
    • Candidate management
    • Sourcing
  • Ongoing strategic recruitment partnership

After two years of lockdowns, border closures, and talent shortages, the construction industry - like many across Aotearoa - was hit. Hard. Faced with no longer having easy access to international talent, increasing domestic competition, and consistent demand, Naylor Love required an all-inclusive recruitment solution that addressed the key areas of their recruitment process. Thankfully, this is something we're very good at!

People may know Naylor Love, but do they know how great it is to work for them? It's no secret that Naylor Love have a strong reputation in the New Zealand market, although this alone was not enough to execute an all-encompassing recruitment solution. They needed help establishing a streamlined recruitment process to help candidates navigate the next step in their careers. Here's where our creative recruitment solution was able to shine.


It was our job at HainesAttract to help Naylor Love capitalise on their brand with an engaging campaign message and a simplistic candidate experience. Our Creative team developed the 'Onward' message that actively communicates their values, beliefs, and culture in a clear and concise manner. This was crucial to ensure that the candidate felt connected to the brand and excited by their career prospects - which then led to a strong desire to click 'apply' - just what we wanted!

In partnership with Teamtailor, we introduced a new applicant tracking system for the Naylor Love team. From this, we were able to design an interactive and informative career's site and an intuitive, functioning backend to seamlessly process candidates. In collaboration with Naylor Love's full HR team, our Talent Solution Consultants can now easily access the candidate's information, complete initial screenings, and organise interviews. What an ideal process!

The campaign was brought to life by utilising a range of touch points, these being the new and improved career's site, engaging job ads and creative advertising material.

While the media strategy and advertising channels successfully drive candidates towards open vacancies, our devoted Talent Solution Consultant undertakes continuous sourcing at both a domestic and international level. This ensures there is an always-on approach to Naylor Love's recruitment needs. Another example of how we go above and beyond to attract and engage the talent you need at HainesAttract.

We are excited to share that since launch three months ago, we have made multiple placements and continue to discover new ways of engaging with Naylor Love's target audience. We look forward to growing our long-term, strategic relationship. Watch this space to see what other amazing things we can accomplish together.