Tech Talent In NZ

International Tech Talent through contracting

One of New Zealand’s great tech success stories, with over 7,000 employees worldwide and growing, was struggling, like many, amongst the massive talent shortage in 2020. 2021, organisations are emphasising digital change as an important part of the world with every economy turning digital. With such immense growth in the digital space, and the limitations as a result of closed borders, organisations are faced with unprecedented challenges.


With this message, we reached out to both our global talent community – WorkHere, and LinkedIn, and have since attracted a suitable candidate who are supporting this organisation through contracting and a permanent contracts.


The main challenge was (and is) unsurprisingly, finding IT talent for New Zealand work. The New Zealand market is very tight, with companies vs. companies in a war to secure talent. Border restrictions have only made this harder, making the process of bringing in international candidates even more difficult than ever.

The second challenge was structuring the engagement of the talent, ensuring they were able to contracted via HainesAttract, and paid in their home currency, be it GBP, Malaysian Ringgit, or the Singapore Dollar.


The solution was to go to market in five key countries – UK, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines. These locations all were home to offices of the client, and therefore candidates had the ability to work on a contract through HainesAttract and came with an offer of conditional permanent employment from the client, to get the candidates eventually into New Zealand.

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