We believe in facilitating client autonomy not dependency.

Attract Formula

If you want to feed a person for a day, give him a fish. If you want to feed a person for life, teach him how to fish. We provide clients with unique formulas they can use to activate their current and future employees again and again… Each Attract Formula is an algorithm with fixed and dynamic parts that delivers specific outcomes. The fixed part is the ‘brand’ part and the dynamic part is where a client can add local flavour, subject expertise, target audience understanding…

To see how an Attract Formula can help to transform your business, contact Hamish here.


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HainesAttract Recruitment

More than simply expert recruiters, we harness the creativity and knowledge of a diverse team to deliver a recruitment experience for your candidates that's as unique as it is effective.

Our service is a simple twist on an institutional approach. Rather than placing our brand at the forefront, we attract with your brand, marketing your organisation with content that inspires, through channels that engage – providing candidates with a positive experience of your organisation.

We know that one size doesn’t fit all - that’s why we customise our services to suit your specific needs. Whether functioning as part of your hiring team, working alongside you on an 'as needed' basis, or taking care of all recruitment functions on your behalf, we’ll ensure that you attract the most valuable candidates in the most effective ways.

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Advertising Management Interface

HainesLink is our online ‘hub’ that connects clients to the agency and enables easy, efficient management of recruitment advertising.

Clients can upload and manage their content, access ad templates, make real-time updates, create media plans, and stay connected with a dedicated Account Executive who provides full account service.  

Login to HainesLink here, or get set up by contacting Grace here.

Migrant Talent Attraction Channel

Workhere is our always-on platform for New Zealand employers wanting to recruit global talent. Advertising job vacancies and alerting registered candidates about relevant opportunities, enhanced with video and company news that provide insight into the organisation, the people, the place and the opportunities.

The platform attracts between 70,000 and 100,000 visits per month on a regular basis, and has a database of more than 100,000 candidates. Much of this traffic is a result of exceptional affiliations, especially with Immigration New Zealand, and from strong SEM.

To explore how you could be accessing the world through Workhere, contact Damian here.

End-to-end Global Attraction Programme

LookSee is our campaign-based, end-to-end talent attraction and management solution covering advertising/PR, candidate profiling (including videos), shortlisting, travel/accommodation arrangements, interview/event management. LookSee culminates in a select group of international candidates (e.g. 100) travelling to your location for a week of interviews (e.g. three per candidate) and experiences.

The first LookSee, LookSee Wellington (targeting the tech sector), was an overwhelming success, with over 1.6 million website visits, 48,000 registered candidates, and positive coverage in Time, The Daily Mail, and Forbes.

Right now, we’re developing a LookSee for the New Zealand construction sector. To get involved, contact Hamish here.

Global Talent Communities

More than simply delivering a select group of international talent to your door for a week, LookSee creates communities of global talent that are available and interested in opportunities in your location, even if that wasn’t the location of the LookSee. From the point of view of clients, these communities of global talent constitute a high-quality, up-to-date, easily searchable database of talent that can satisfy their needs over an extended period of time.

Right now we have the Global Tech Talent community created by LookSee Wellington. It comprises over 48,000 tech experts, including 7,118 Software Developers, 6,959 Project Managers, 2,841 Dev Ops, 6,779 Web Developers, 1,979 Machine Learning/AI, and more. For access, contact Damian here.


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